Welcome to CORE, a boutique architecture firm that provides a holistic, integrated approach to real estate design and project management. Building with and within nature, we leverage our expertise on green technology, with a deep appreciation for aesthetics and wellbeing, investing in real estate that promotes the health of its residents and the environment alike.

Based in the Algarve, Portugal, and having completed over 50 projects in green design construction and interior architecture across Europe, we work with private clients and hotel operators to develop mixed-use real estate, including villas and eco-resorts.

Sustainable Architecture

CORE has over 22 years of experience designing and developing environmentally, socially and financially sustainable buildings across Europe. From inception to realisation, our process exemplifies a high level of ecologically sustainable design in which ideas are tested, refined and followed through to completion. CORE expertise in EU Near Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB) and Passive House architecture ensures that our buildings provide design solutions with the highest energy efficiency at the most affordable rates.

Passive design principles follow precise bioclimatic analyses for each individual location, enhanced by cooling water features and living walls. We rely on natural materials for our ecological homes, such as timber wood construction with green roofs, thermal brick walls, clay plaster, and natural stone.

Spatial Design & Interiors

We go beyond bricks and mortar to provide solutions in spatial design, combining interior design, architecture, and urban design. Our expertise in interior architecture provides us with an appreciation of the power of object arrangement in space in order to positively impact on health and wellbeing.

Project Management & Engineering

A local architecture firm based in the Algarve, we are well versed in the hundreds of regulations and have links to the entities that grant permission for constructions to go ahead. Our team of in-house engineers and project managers can also lend a hand in the construction phase, providing end-to-end solutions.