Get your Home ready, and Healthy, for Spring!

Spring is around the corner and while for many it is the best season of the year, it can also wreak havoc for allergy sufferers and those who are just not feeling in the mood for spring.

Here are some ideas on how you can refresh your home, body and soul, to prepare you for the new season.

  • Check you ventilation system: This is the season of pollen allergies, with symptoms like watery eyes, runny nose, rhinitis, sore throat, coughing, increased mucous, headaches and asthma. At CORE, homes are built with controlled through ventilation systems that filter allergy-causing pollen. These systems need to be checked at least once a year to ensure the filters are cleaned up. A well-ventilated house can also be achieved through the use HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters in the air conditioning system.
  • De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter: Dust, mold and pollen can be minimized by de-cluttering your home and keeping the air clean. So get rid of “stuff” that you don’t need, including old newspapers and clothes where allergens might be found. Focus on bedroom and living room where you spend most of the time. We love this article from MindBodyGreens on how you can de-clutter.
  • Open the widows, at the right time: While opening the windows to feel the freshness of spring sounds good, keep your windows closed when pollen counts are high, including early in the moming, between 10 am and 3 pm, and in windy conditions.
  • Work on the exteriors: In addition to professional window clean, for those wishing for more change on the exterior this season, the exterior walls of your homes are a great way to rejuvenate your home. If choosing a new facade colour for your exterior walls, make sure that once you decide on a colour, select one that is two shades lower on the colour chart. Especially if you live in Algarve, the bright Algarvian daylight colors appear much lighter then on paper. Apply this for plain white as well. So if you wish to have plain white façade, chose two white tones darker on your chart (off-white). It will still look white, but is softer on the eyes as you sit on your terrace enjoying the spring sun.
  • Ensure your landscaping is not making things worst. Avoid adding allergenic trees like pine trees which encourage caterpillars, famous for their with itchy reactions. Instead, choose low-allergy trees and flowers.

Do you have more tips to share? Get in touch and share your tipsWe would love to hear from you.

Anabela CEO of CORE Architects
Anabela Macieira
Core Architects — CEO and Founder