2022 Architecture and design trends

A New Year Brings Brand New 2022 Design Trends

What does 2022 have in store for the world of architecture and interior design?

Though a brand-new year may have dawned, we couldn’t help but wonder if we were the only ones who couldn’t shake the feeling hanging over us. One left by the pandemic that just doesn’t seem to end, casting an undeniable shadow over what’s to come…

And then we saw the new year’s trends starting to emerge and realised that, unusually, the whole world is in synch due to global lockdowns, stay at home orders and more time than ever spent within our own four walls. Into what is now the third year of the pandemic, 2022 design trends call for comfort, noise reduction and a focus on wellness, because we’ve learned the hard way that if we don’t seek it out for ourselves, no one’s going to hand it to us on a plate!

So here we go, all together – a more hardened, weary lot than we were in 2021, but a determined one nonetheless, ready to take on the challenges the new year has to throw at us.  A year in which the world is catching up with values we’ve been talking about for a long time here at CORE, and that are now slowly working themselves into the mainstream. We’re talking maximising natural light, blurring the boundaries between in and outdoors and plants galore, but let’s kick off with a few words on floorplans.

2022 architecture trends

How we’ll use our homes in 2022

It’s safe to say we’ve been at home long enough to know what we want and need, and 2022 is set to give us the space to really go for it, moulding our homes to fit them. In short, we’ve given up waiting for the pandemic to blow over, and we’re making permanent changes to reflect our new lifestyles, replacing open-plan spaces with those that provide more privacy, and making our home offices a permanent fixture. Emphasis is now being placed on “privacy, prep, and personality”, and our homes are being shaped to meet our entire range of needs, from entertaining to relaxing, work to play. We’re making sure it’s all there for us now, only a couple of steps away.

As we break ground on new projects this year, we’re excited to see how we’ll provide for this call for more privacy while still ensuring a flow of energy, and can’t wait to grab this challenge with both hands!

Colour Palates

Now when it comes to new colours, it’s worth remembering that Pantone named Very Peri the colour of the year 2022, and we have to say it couldn’t do a better job of summing up the entire selection of 2022 colours. This not-quite-pastel tone manages to be soothing and revolutionary while remaining whimsical and versatile, but whether you’re ready to jump on the (almost) lavender train or not, let’s take a closer look at other colour trends 2022 is set to bring.

2022 architecture design trends

Moving away from pastels

For those bored of white walls and looking to bring more pazazz into their homes, jewel tones are set to take centre stage, providing elegance and a sense of luxury. Sapphire blue, emerald green, indigo purple and glossy black have been quoted as the colours of choice, but we just can’t help but think Casa DA perfected this look before it was even a thing.

Soothing landscape palates

Then there are those who just want to bring as much peace and harmony into their homes as possible to block out the upheaval outside. One way to go? Full landscape with earthy tones and soothing greens paired with wood grain and natural textures. There’s plenty of space to bring repurposed materials into this look, which makes it a firm favourite of ours, not to mention that:

“Research shows that natural colour schemes and organic forms like those found in nature reduce stress, lower blood pressure and heart rate, increase productivity and creativity, and make us happier” according to Michelle Lamb at The Trend Curve.

Bring on the healing powers of nature, we say! And if you want some more inspo, check out: Delia_westwing, Khanyi and KellyWearstler.

Green is the magic colour

Yet others say green is the way forwards this year, with our practices becoming more sustainable and more and more of us opting to bring this balancing colour into our homes. But we’re not just talking paint samples here…

Bringing the outside in

It’s happening. In 2022, it’s official that people want to blend the boundaries between in and outdoors. As proof, the word “Biophilic” (bringing the outdoors indoors) is being thrown around left, right and centre. From home offices filled with plant babies to conservatories furnished tastefully with tropical flora, mankind’s connection to nature is growing, and we could not be more pleased to announce the “rise of the indoor tree”, according to Arch Collection. Yes, you read that right, though we’re sure you’d be hard-pressed to find anything like Villa BJ out there just yet.

2022 architecture trends

Comforting curves

Finally, a “curve”-ball of sorts announcing that it’s out with the straight line and in with the curved. That’s right, curves of all sizes and forms are the main look brought by 2022. From swooping armchairs to waving walls, even kitchens and sofas can be curved to add movement to spaces we now want to use differently. We’re excited to see how this development is going to work and can think of a few things we’d like to see curved versions of to forge an even stronger connection with nature.

Watch this space!

Our own CORE Interior Designer’s Take

For those of you up to date with the goings-on here at CORE, you’ll know we gained a very special addition to the team last November. A fan of all things contemporary, though she guides her designs entirely through client tastes, Interior designer Aadna’s energy matches ours down to a T. With sustainability as a focus and looking to move into more repurposed décor, Aadna believes the future of interior design will be less fashion-focussed, more personal as people embrace more sustainable lifestyles, moving less with the times and more to meet their own needs.

As the world’s energy aligns with our own, we can’t wait to see more nature, sustainability and durability brought into homes across the board, not to mention the new ways we’ll challenge ourselves to make sure we stay ahead of the curve.

So all that’s left to say is 2022, come at us!

Anabela Macieira
Core Architects — CEO and Founder