Kick back in CORE’s most relaxing rooms

Ready to truly kick back in surroundings that help you switch off from the world and get away to a place that’s just yours? We’ve lined up 5 of our best bubbles of tranquillity to inspire your own escape, so let’s dive into what makes a room genuinely relaxing so we can unwind and start reaping the benefits.

A Minimalist Marvel at Villa NK

Let’s start with classic minimalism. We’re talking off-white walls, simple décor in earthy tones, light flooring, strategically placed lights in interesting shapes, and all the focus on that one huge window. Because when your view’s this good, you don’t need busy interiors… or anything else, for that matter. In fact, wardrobes were specifically placed in a separate dressing room so as not to impact on the airy, breezy nature of this breath of fresh air. Now picture stretching, sitting up, and being greeted with rolling hills and the sea glistening in the distance. Nothing makes for a better night’s sleep than this. Trust us.

Less has never been more than at Casa WH

From classic minimalism to “less-is-more” to the extreme, introducing the attic at Casa WH. This is the perfect example of that room you dream of getting away to, because you can be sure you’ll be left alone with your thoughts. Combining classic white walls with warming wood on the ceiling gives this room a cosy feel, with a chair chosen to match the floor, ensuring that you’re made comfortable without the addition of any noise or fuss. The perfect getaway. But one that’s also very useful. See those wood-panelled walls? They’re concealing hidden wardrobes, keeping everything cleverly out of sight and out of mind.

Putting the “beach” in our Faro Island Beachhouse

Edging away from minimalism, but only slightly, we went all out with the beach house feel for our beach house on Faro Island. Flooring that imitates sun-weathered wood contrasts with glassy turquoise tones on the windowsill, mirroring beachy, sandy shades. Darker grey in the bed frame and chair set off the lighter colours, bringing depth to the room without making it heavy. Floor-length curtains in a lighter grey are the finishing touch, tying the room together without cutting off the outdoors – and just imagine that curtain billowing gently in a sea breeze. Feel yourself relaxing already?

A pop of colour can be seen just outside on traditional azulejo tiles, though their not-so-traditional placement can only be enjoyed if you edge closer to take in the sun-bathed courtyard, making you feel like you’re outside while still enjoying the comfort of your bedroom. We like to call this understated because only with time do you start to take in every detail.

Inspired by Blue at Casa Azul

Casa Azul – literally “Villa Blue” takes the “blue” theme and runs with it for this oasis of tranquillity. Note how the lamps play with the idea of water, reminiscent of bubbles hanging from the ceiling. Then there are the bedside tables, their curves catching the light and making you wonder whether they were inspired by tree stumps or moving water. Textures, patterns, and shades of blue come together to create a nature-inspired getaway, with windows lining every wall letting in streams of light and making you feel closer to nature. See that panoramic window to the west? Now imagine the golden glow that filters through it at sunset, filling the room for a magical few minutes every day.

This is how you use colour to create relaxation.

Bedroom in nature with a view - Core architects

Creating tranquillity through luxury at Casa DA

… and then you have the use of colour at Casa DA – an ode to Pop Art and luxury filled with velvet textures, deep jewel tones, and lighting galore. But just because it’s luxurious doesn’t mean it can’t be relaxing. Picture laying back in that king-sized bed. Can you imagine anything more comfortable? Or soaking in that bath at sunset in your very own bedroom.

This is the perfect example of balancing busy and bustling, colourful and garish, fun and too far. We captured the client’s love of colours here, and managed to make them relaxing, using a sleek design to create tranquility thanks to the range of soft lighting and comfortable materials. This room has a personality without being overbearing, creating a space the residents of this house can call truly their own.

Luxury large bedroom inspo - CORE architects

And there you have it! From as minimalistic as you can get to pairing personality with a deep sense of calm, 5 ways of bringing relaxation into any room – so which was your favourite?

Anabela Macieira
Core Architects — CEO and Founder