11 new 3-bedroom villas
with private bio pools

Eco-living Resort is a sustainable, low-impact resort in Lagos, Algarve, which will benefit from 11 new accommodation units surrounded by nature, with magnificent sea views.

The resort’s mission is to deliver a healthy lifestyle that appeals to global travellers and permanent residents alike, staying in individual family homes and 3-bedroom villas with private pools, each with access to common areas. These will include a restaurant and amenities in a structure with an outdoor dining area, lounge and pool area to the south, as well as a living roof.

This investment includes rainwater storage deposits, used to water the crops produced across the agro-tourism development, contributing to minimising its impact on the environment and keeping its surroundings as “untouched“ as possible.

Our philosophy will be to meet each resident’s needs, making their stay as memorable as possible, on all levels.