Casa Sobreira

Timeless Harmony: Casa Sobreira Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Modern fusion overlooking the Ria Formosa

Located near the Ria Formosa, Natural Reserve on the Algarvian coast, Casa Sobreira is a family holiday home that has been refurbished to meet the evolving needs of a growing London family, complete with several grandchildren. The goal was to create a space that provided privacy for adult children and their families while allowing them to enjoy the house together without feeling crowded. The house capitalizes on the beautiful Ria Formosa views, especially in the master bedroom, which features a sun terrace.

This residence seamlessly marries traditional Algarvian design with contemporary elements. Upon entering through the main door, you’ll encounter a glazed indoor patio with a majestic Cork tree at its center.

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The guest rooms located on either side of the patio offer ample privacy for young families with children. Surrounding the patio is an open-plan kitchen and a spacious living room that open onto large outdoor terraces leading to the pool. The house comprises six spacious en-suite bedrooms, ensuring comfort and privacy for all occupants. The open space concept of the kitchen and living room promotes a sense of spaciousness and togetherness, ideal for family gatherings.

The true highlight of this property is the interior patio, where an ancient Azinheira tree stands as a cherished symbol of Portugal. This addition brings nature indoors and creates a serene oasis within the home.

Another noteworthy feature is the expansive swimming pool, perfect for family entertainment and relaxation. As the house primarily serves as a summer retreat, the interior décor captures the essence of exotic decorative elements from all over the world combined with elegant Roche Bobois furniture.

Coastal colors, natural textures, and combined with colourful south-american and Asian furnishings create an exciting mix between portuguese and foreign cultures .

Casa Sobreira exemplifies the seamless fusion of architectural tradition and contemporary luxury. It offers a haven of comfort and style in one of the Algarve’s most sought-after locations, the Golden Triangle. It serves as a testament to preserving the past while embracing the possibilities of the future, providing a timeless retreat for generations to come.

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