Wander out onto Core’s Best Terrace Designs

With summer just around the corner and the early comeback of some lovely balmy weather comes the anticipation of outdoor BBQs, sunbathing sessions, and alfresco entertaining and relaxation at home, out on our terraces. After all, who doesn’t like spending a sunny afternoon soaking up the sun, sipping your favourite cocktail while lounging poolside, or having a bite of finger-licking food?

Granted, if you’re a self-proclaimed indoor person, exposing yourself to excruciating heat or leaving the comfort of your couch (even if only for a few minutes) may not be your idea of fun. But one thing you can’t deny is the appeal of sipping your morning coffee as you take in the land around you from higher ground, getting caught up in the natural beauty of a sunset, or simply taking a deep breath of fresh air to unwind after a long day at work.

Sounds like the dream? Then wander out onto Core’s 5 best terrace designs to see if inspiration strikes…

Casa Azul’s Serene Blend

A blend between in and out, nature and construction, minimalism and comfort, Casa Azul’s terrace built around the pre-existing orange tree symbolises everything the house stands for: balance in all its shapes and forms. This is the ultimate ideal of a terrace: somewhere to escape to without leaving the comfort of your own home. Furnished with woven benches featuring the same colour schemes as those used indoors, this terrace provides continuity in division, and connectivity in separation, enhanced by the lighting echoed both indoors and out and clean white lines hemming in the collective space.

Then there’s the paving, which spirals around the tree, making it clear where the focus is, and will always be.

Villa BJ’s Minimalist Dream

Dip a toe in the pool as your hair gets tousled by the warming summer breeze, and you take in the thin divide between in and out. Inside, someone may be clattering around the kitchen preparing tapas served with a glass of chilled white, while outside, you’re in a world of your own, bathed in natural tones offset by clean white.

A muted colour palette provides balance, while an entire glass wall brings a touch of modernity to a minimalist space perfect for enjoying the great outdoors.

Villa NB’s Understated Luxury

What if you could extend your living room outside?

Upholstery and pillows brought out into the open make for a warm, cosy spot from which to enjoy a summer sunset. Relaxing shades and lightweight materials give this setting a casual elegance, with patterned hanging chairs and lamps adding interest and privacy for a sense of complete harmony.

The beach-inspired colours set the scene for a getaway to the seaside, unhindered by blockades thanks to clear glass barriers, allowing you to escape without ever leaving the comfort of your very own home.

This setting proves that comfort is the highest luxury and that less is truly more.

Villa GK’s Blue Paradise

Doesn’t this have paradise written all over it?

Keep falling in love all over again at the sight of this beautiful terrace you simply can’t drag yourself away from. Here, straight lines highlight the minimalist beauty of this carved water escapade, calling you in to take a swim to infinity.

The tiles were selected to bring out the pure, translucent colours of the sea for a perfect summer getaway in your own backyard, where you can even enjoy a spot of golf in the comfort of your own home. Now, how about that for ticking all the boxes at once?

Villa NK’s Watery Wonder

And to round off our list is a terrace built with one specific aim in mind. To draw your gaze outwards, past the hallway, through the glass and onto the shimmering water of this pool that so ideally provides continuity to the hallway in a different medium. Then, in the distance, you’ll spot the sea providing even more watery continuity to this home, connecting it to its entire surrounding landscape and making any residents feel like they’re on top of the world. And who doesn’t want to feel like that in their very own home?

Got the inspiration you need to blend the boundaries between in and outdoors? Then why not get started picking out your angles to create as much space as possible? Happy terracing!

Anabela Macieira
Core Architects — CEO and Founder