Core's Best Entryways

Step Through CORE’s 5 Best Entryways

That first glance. No more than a second. And Voilà: our first impression is formed, and first impressions matter. So, which part of the house gives us that all-important opinion?

The entryway, of course.

As we step up to the entrance of a building, our eyes drink up front doors and façades. Classic or modern, luxurious or rustic, whatever the theme, one thing we’ll be asking ourselves for sure is ‘what delights are held beyond?’

Here at CORE, we know how important first impressions are, which is why we ensure that every detail, from the first to the last, is considered to create the perfect properties.

So, kick off those sandals and take off your hats as we guide you through the doors of our top 5 entryways.

Bold lines and Cool Shade at Casa Azul

Futuristic and flooded with natural light, this fantastic, refurbished farmhouse invites us up those steps, out of the beating sunshine and into a shady retreat of the doorway. Right from the very entrance, this house oozes cool serenity. With all-natural stone flooring and natural clay walls, the property provides energy efficiency by keeping out the cold northerly breeze without letting the blazing sun intrude. Here in the entryway, clean lines mark the space. Subtle strip lighting and bold black stripes across the door make our first impression one of a smart, organised space.

Core's Best Entryways

Sea Views from the Start at Villa NK

Core's Best Entryways

As we stroll down these wide steps and reach the glass front door, our eyes are drawn to the shimmering pool at the end of the hallway, framed by the sea and horizon beyond. Sea views take precedence right from the word ‘go’, and that’s what this property is all about. Openness and bringing things together are two more features presented from the entryway. The doorway sits between two parts of the home, the old and the new, seamlessly joining them together. With wide-open spaces and more glass doors beyond the threshold, sea views are certainly on our mind, right from the first glance.

Core's Best Entryways

Classy and Chic Casa DA

No, you haven’t taken a (very) wrong turn and ended up in Beverly Hills, we promise, although we wouldn’t blame you for thinking you had. This grand, columned entrance exudes classic Hollywood, inviting you into a playful, bright, and colourful interior beyond the deep blue double door. This entryway echoes the tasteful luxury found throughout this refurbished residential building, with its sloping terracotta roofs contrasting with off-white walls. Standing at this entryway, we are certainly prepared for the stylish, fabulous property on the inside.

Core's Best Entryways

Rustic Charm at Casa WH

As the sun beats down in the hotter months, we are invited to take it easy right outside the door before heading inside to more sustainably sourced wooden furniture. Here, under the shaded doorway of Casa WH, we are greeted with unassuming, rustic wooden features. This abandoned stone-walled farmhouse was refurbished with many of the existing elements maintained and enhanced to ensure energy efficiency. Natural stone walls, wood and wicker define this property, creating an understated, classy look both outdoors and in.

Core's Best Entryways

Bright and Breezy Down at Beachhouse ST

Flanked by the serene waters of the lagoon, this property is the epitome of a beach house. The low walls of this refurbished fisher’s house frame the entryway while leaving us enough of a view to appreciate the simple serenity offered in this building. A delicate stone mosaic path leads us past soft tufty plants and up to the wide glass doors. And glass doesn’t just feature on the outside. Indoor glass walls allow for light to flow through this property unimpeded. And to ensure the inside doesn’t turn into a sweltering greenhouse, all the glass used is reinforced to keep its residents cool, no matter the temperature outside.

Core's Best Entryways

So, there you have it, five first impressions of fabulous entryways to suit an array of tastes. But despite their differences, they all have one thing in common; each invites you in to enjoy elegant, energy-efficient interiors. Which entryway gives you the urge to open the door and explore further?

Anabela Macieira
Core Architects — CEO and Founder