Convert your humble abode into a spiritual retreat with these simple tricks in the Year of the Rabbit 2023

Approaching the 21st of January, we are entering with the new moon, the Chinese New Year, where according to Feng Shui, a new energy will surround us and influence our well being positively. The energy of 2023 is the energy represent by the Water Rabbit. A time that brings peace, calmness, and rest. Kind and understanding as the Rabbit is seen also capable of enhancing the healing and curative energies, it excels in the healing arts and is drawn to creativity in all forms.

Use your creativity to bring this positive influences to your home.

For the Year of the Rabbit, the lucky colours are azure blue, apple green, red and pearl white. Use this colours to highlight different areas of spaces where you want to feel rested and cozy. Ideally, match this colours with natural materials as wood and linen. In order represent the energy of the water, add some few metal or shiny decorative elements.

If you are looking to buy a house, this is the ideal year to find a suitable property, as the energy will lead you to abundance and help with the right mindset to take decisions for family and prosperity, where elegance, peace-loving, mild-mannered behaviour is encouraged.

The gemstone, jade, can help you channel all the good luck into your abode.

If you want to know more about how to create abundance in a peacefull and mindfull home, our certified Feng Shui Masters are happy to assist.

Anabela Macieira
Core Architects — CEO and Founder

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