Velentine’s Day! How to enhance the energy for couples by using Feng Shui?

14th of February, the day we celebrate being in love but also love itself. For those who wish to emphasize the symbolism of duality, here are some easy changes that bring the feeling of “a deux” to your home.

The number 2 represents togetherness, invokes a feeling of stability, and brings harmony & happiness into romantic relationships or ones that should become romantic.

How to enhance the energy for couples?

Buy everything in double – two pictures of you and your loved one in your entrance hall, two vases on your sideboard, two candles on your dinner table, two same looking bedside tables and lamps.

More specifically, balancing your space with 2 of the same or related items encourages a loving and caring surrounding

Bedroom :

Everything should exist in 2 or 6 pairing two bedside tables, six pillows, two rugs etc.

Living Room:

Using the repetition of colours and furniture to archive a balanced interior


Mirror effect to create stability for two

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Anabela Macieira
Core Architects — CEO and Founder

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