Transforming boredom into excitement

Pop Art master piece

The extension of this single family home aimed to transform the existing residential building into a unique, artistic pop-art master piece by maintaining its existing structure and converting the beautiful large plot into a wellness and wellbeing oasis. 

Being linked to the movie industry and having visited the world, the client desired for a house with character that represented the joy and playfulness of its habitants. Thats how, the over the new pool floating sun house and the design  was inspired. In collaboration with ECOLAR LdA for the interiors, our architectural language and the eccentric clients vision the old house was transformed into a magnificent space of beauty, colour and light.

It was a fun project that we loved developing with a very special loving client.

Before & After

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Plot Size
2.350,00 m²
Plot Classification
Build Area
473 m² extended to 584 m²
Number of Rooms
4 & 4 bathrooms
Project Type
Refurbishment and extension