Villa RH

Positioning is everything when it comes to Comfort

“But the house doesn’t sit straight on its hill!”

The first words uttered by every person to visit this new build: “but the house doesn’t sit straight on its hill!” Why? Because that’s what makes it stand out from all the others in the neighbourhood and what provides it with face-on ocean views. However, far more than the views, this rotation was essential to maximising its energy performance, something the owners of the property understood immediately. The house turned towards the sun, its terraces face away from it, creating non-symmetrical diagonal lines that manage the house’s heat efficiency and give it a modern edge – perfect for a couple taking early retirement to their slice of paradise.

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A 160m2 holiday home located in the western Algarve, with views over the beach cliffs of Vila do Bispo, this house was designed for a myriad of occasions. Situated between two dead-end roads, it can be accessed from the lower street level to the south, and the upper street level to the north. Both stories are equipped with an entertaining area, bathroom and kitchen, and both provide stunning outdoor spaces with pools and sun terraces.

On the upper level lies a shaded parking area and front door leading into a spacious living room with a modern rotating fireplace – a design feature placed alongside the wall-length south-facing windows. A kitchenette and a spacious bathroom make this a self-contained unit. A sleek white Corian® staircase leads down to the private area, which contains an open plan kitchen and dining room, outdoor terraces and a swimming pool, as well as the master bedroom, which is west-facing and catches the morning sun. The house’s rotating terraces and shades make it a masterpiece of sorts, while allowing for an interplay between sun and shade and for shelter to be provided against dominant winds – a major concern in the area.

A home must always be designed with a basis on its residents’ living habits, which is why we take the time to get to know their preferences and routines before we begin a project. However, quality of life is also primarily related to the building quality of a home, making that a priority that is second to none. How? By ensuring the materials used promote comfortable temperatures year-round, which also helps improve energy consumption. As a result, CORE sees every new build as an opportunity to create a comfortable, healthy living space, helping our clients save money by making the right choices. These include selecting locally sourced, eco-friendly materials like thermal clay tiles with mortar-free butt jointing, cork insulation for walls and roofs and high perforce double gassed windows.

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Plot Size
700 m²
Plot Classification
Build Area
160 m²
Number of Rooms
1 bedroom & 2 bathrooms
Construction time
12 months
Project Type