Pop art bathroom design inspiration

How to Make Your Shower a True Escape

We all have those days when the weight of the world is on our shoulders, and we want nothing more than to wash the stress away. So why don’t you? Yes, we do mean literally. What’s stopping you from soaking your worries away in a beautiful, spacious bath or losing track of time in a soothing, hot shower? Or is your bathroom not your go-to stress reliever because it simply wasn’t built to be?

Sure, practicality is a must in a bathroom, but if you haven’t looked beyond that, to creating a space to get away and unwind, that soothes and inspires, that whisks you away to somewhere where you can truly relax, take it from us: you’re missing a trick!

But don’t throw in the towel just yet. April Showers may just bring you some flowers – see what we did there? – and the relaxation you so desperately need. So, here are Core’s 5 best bathroom designs, which may just inspire your own dream bathroom design!

Villa RH’s Slice of Heaven

Minimalist bathroom design inspiration

Whether you prefer a classic-looking bathroom or a modern-style sanctuary, an all-white room is always a winner. But this goes one step further, the materials coming together to create an angle-less space reminiscent of a bubbling spring hidden in the purest nature – a place that is yours and yours alone, surrounding you in purity from your head to your toes.

Casa RH’s white-washed bliss features sleek, elegant, veined marble tiles with simple contemporary elements, giving it a minimalist Scandinavian touch to help you keep your stress levels low – and your spirits high! Only the essentials have been used here so that you can fill the space with what truly matters, the clean, transparent shower screen opening up the space, keeping it light and airy, while the chrome rainfall showerhead provides just enough pressure to wash away all that built-up tension.

It’s not hard to imagine yourself in this majestic double shower: the serene steam combined with the bathroom’s white hue and the shower glass doors reflecting the natural light and sending you straight to cloud nine.

In this bathroom, less is definitely more.

Two Heads are Better than One in Casa Azul’s Mini Guest Bathroom

Exotic bathroom design inspiration

Had to check twice if you were really looking at a bathroom? Take this mini-bathroom-turned-escape-to-South-America as proof that small spaces don’t have to be boring and characterless. A simple touch can make all the difference, and when combined, the beautiful antique oval mirrors and graceful curvature of the slender, floor-mounted tap create the ultimate aesthetic – a perfect blend between vintage and sophisticated modern elements: the best of both worlds.

If this isn’t enough to convince you, maybe a head propping up your bathroom sink will. Letting water flow from what feels like the depths of Easter Island, it creates a connection between urban living and the most ancestral spirituality, representing power and spiritual energy. And don’t get us started on the calming effect of those neutral, earthy tones… Can you say spa vibes?

Simple but Modern Deluxe Vibes at Casa Azul

Luxury bathroom design inspiration

Speaking of vibes, doesn’t this exquisite, modern bathroom transport you right into a relaxing spa break in a quiet, secluded haven? Just as it should, because any room is, in itself, a place to be experienced.

Playfully contrasting harmonious geometric lines with softer, warm light and curves, this room feels ethereal, not least because of the door right next to you as you bathe, allowing you to feel like you’re in the midst of nature itself.

This spacious slipper bath invites you into its calming contours as natural light streams in, creating a perfect balance between comfort and minimalism and appealing to all your senses and deepest desires.

While the overall design may be simple, the neutral colour scheme brings with it fresh energy with a hint of luxury in the LED oval mirror, not to mention a bright, open feel.

Impressed? Great. Now, soak in and destress!

Casa Ingo’s Stunning Moody Bathroom

Mysterious bathroom design inspiration

While we may love a bright white bathroom with a few pops of colour, there’s something about darker tones that we can’t get enough of. And this bathroom is living proof that the perfect composition between shape, light and colour is very much possible.

From the deep-hued backsplash tiles in a fun hexagonal shape and a natural stone basin to the contrast of natural light and slim-profile mirror, this contemporary bathroom exudes simplicity through bold lushness. Not to mention a palette of deep hues drawing energy from the very depths of the earth, providing safety and comfort when paired with low soft lighting – a breath of fresh air from the overstimulating world we live in.

And as if that wasn’t enough, do you see that lush nature lurking just outside, peering in and whisking you away into the cracks in reality between light and shade? This is a masterpiece come to life, providing balance to perfection in a dramatic flair of mystery that will leave anyone asking: who said dark is dull?

Pop-art Madness at Casa DA

Pop art bathroom design inspiration

Finally, we come to Casa DA: living proof that your bathroom is no exception when it comes to making your house your own!

Giving monotony a wide berth without overdoing it, this pop art-style wall certainly makes an impression, taking modern retro to new heights through clean lines with statement bold contours. A room that opens up as you walk in, its vibrant colours bring life crashing in with different shades of yellow and gold playing with every angle of space without ever feeling like too much.

The perfect example of how reaching beyond necessity can bring joy, this bathroom is so much more than a bathroom: it’s an expression of the inner self.

So there you have it: 5 bathrooms as unique as their owners, each one providing a parallel universe just waiting to be escaped into. How’s that for inspiration?

Anabela Macieira
Core Architects — CEO and Founder